Let’s take a journey down memory lane, when everything was simple and fun. When you heard that certain song, when you had your first kiss, or that date with that special someone or your prom dance, or your wedding dance!


Remember when you played your 45’s, listened to your transistor radio, watched American Bandstand or Ed Sullivan, or listened to the WMCA Good Guys or the WABC All Americans, Murray the K or Alan Freed? You could hear: Step-by-Step, Sixteen Candles, The Worst That Could Happen, Sherry, Walk Like a Man, Unchained Melody, Lonely Teardrops, My Girl and many others.


We are here to bring back those beautiful memories - we are Neal Stuart and The Empire State, presenting a heartfelt celebration to the music of Johnny Maestro, Frankie Valli, The Righteous Brothers Jackie Wilson, The Temptations, just to name a few.


Relax and enjoy the special voyage of Neal Stuart and The Empire State - we sing the songs you remember and that makes you feel good at the same time, because great music never goes out of style!

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The Worst That Could Happen - Neal Stuart and The Empire State
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